Messages from Beyond

At every event and show, I get messages before I go on stage and regularly during meditations, and during quiet moments while sitting at my piano or in bed I will get visitations from Spirit who wish to get their messages across to you.

So I have created a space to post these messages so that more people can get the connection to their loved ones.  

With love,

Lisa xx

June 17, 2013 »


Stacey/Tracey - Sadly there was a rape and a suicide… this caused the family a great deal of distress and harm.  I'm sorry but I couldn't cope and I want you to know that I love you all very much.  There wasn't anything I could do.  I know that some people blame me but there is more to it.  My family always support me and thank you.  I love you all from the bottom of my soul. I'm ok and happy. 

Martin - Your father is coming forward and his is a fine gentleman and a good man.  Can you let your mother know I am here and I will not leave her.  She has been worried.  Also I am very proud of you son and you have become someone who is admirable and loyal and these are great qualities in a man… I'm very happy for you. 

Bente - Your parents are stepping forward and want you to know that they are ok and are together.  They are giving you sea shells and saying its' something that you would be able to relate too.  Your dream is coming true and be happy, and know that we are always with you and your sister. 

Ann - Margaret I had cancer and I want her to know that I am with her and smiling down in her always.  She has been seeing me for a while and she needs to know it's me and she should talk to me.  I love her and she has always been my rock for me.  Keep standing strong. Justice will be served. 

Lars - Your uncle is coming through and showing me that you never got chance to say good bye, but it was an emotional ending for you.  Can you share my love with your mother and I'm not far away… you hear me knocking! Give my family all my love I will be with you some day. 

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