Beginners Mediumship Online Workshop 

Support the future leaders in the Lisa Williams School community in this LIVE one day workshop featuring Lisa Williams and her Master Teachers-in-Training.

July 24, 2021
10am Eastern to 6pm Eastern

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Join Me In Celebrating The Future of Our Community

One of my biggest passions is shining a spotlight on new voices, new leaders, and new teachers in our community. I'm also committed to keeping our training standards high, and engaging as many people as possible to get involved.

These teachers are the best of the best, the ones on the edge of breaking through and going on to transform thousands of lives... just by stepping into their own power and sharing what they love.

This is where you make your voice heard. This is where you make a difference. This is where the real work happens. 

Join us in celebrating our future. 


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Meet Your Master Teachers in Training

This unique and powerful collective of psychics, mediums, and intuitives have been through intensive training and mentoring from Lisa.

Sarah Brink


Danielle Schwartz


Nancy Lynn


Patty Stovall


Tawney Lewis


Jewels Curreri


Tammarishka Kerman


Meet Your Host

Lisa Williams is a world-renowned medium and clairvoyant with an incredible ability to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side... bringing healing and hope to people from all around the world.

Born in England, she was discovered by Merv Griffin and introduced to audiences through two seasons of her own hit show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, along with Voices From the Other Side and Lisa Williams Live. She has appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Oprah Winfrey Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and many more.

She is an accomplished author of books on mediumship and spirituality, including Survival of the SoulLife Among the DeadWas That A Sign From Heaven? and her newest book, Divine Wisdom.

In 2013, she launched the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development committed to delivering world-class spiritual learning opportunities with her unique hands-on method of teaching.

Your LIVE Workshop Schedule

Over the course of our time together, Lisa and her Master Teachers in Training will help you discover knowledge and guidance in a variety of topics and disciplines.

The Difference Between Psychic and Mediumship

How do you know if you're psychic, a medium, or a blend of both? Learn the basics of how to identify which spiritual modality you're using to connect with Spirit, and how to strengthen your connection.

Understanding Your Spiritual Senses

When you're connecting with Spirit are you seeing things? Hearing them? Or maybe you just know things? Discover how these senses are classified and how you can begin identifying the way you perceive Spiritual information.

How You Connect with Your Loved Ones

Every medium has their own way of connecting with Loved ones in Spirit. Find out more about how this happens, and how to develop your ability to connect.

How We Get Information on a Psychic Level

For psychics, getting information from Spirit is also a unique interaction. Learn about how this exchange happens, and what you can do to open up to receiving it.

Surrendering to Spirit

One of the most powerful skills a psychic or medium can master is the ability to let go and surrender to Spirit. Discover tips and techniques for this that you can use as you begin this journey.

Using Your Imagination

Your imagination can be a powerful tool for receiving information and communicating with others. Discover how to harness the power of your mind to enhance your readings.

Introduction to Healing

Many who seek answers through psychics and mediums are really searching for healing. Find out how to work in this modality and why it's important to understand this dynamic.

Ethics for Psychics and Mediums

The Lisa Williams School is committed to a high ethical standard with all of the students who pass through its halls. Find out how to stay in the light when it comes to your practice.

We Need Your Help

These workshops are part of a yearlong certification program to become a Lisa Williams Certified Master Teacher. TM

As a part of this workshop, you'll be asked to complete a post-workshop assessment and feedback forms.

This is important for a number of reasons:

  • It helps Lisa assess the readiness of the Master Teacher in Training
  • It helps each workshop host get constructive feedback from a wide range of students and disciplines
  • It contributes to the future leadership of The Lisa Williams School
  • It supports people who are on their spiritual path... who are stepping into the spotlight and sharing their gifts with the world.
  • And it might help you open up an area of growth or development too!

Your Beginners Mediumship Workshop Begins...









We are stronger together...

Join this powerful and talented community of trustworthy, ethical psychics and mediums, who are dedicated to your ongoing spiritual growth and development.

The path we travel is more meaningful and enjoyable when we walk together.

And all the more meaningful when the special energy that only you can bring... is present and flowing freely.

Embark upon this journey and discover what's truly possible for you and your abilities.

Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development offers courses, testing, mentorship, and certification to elevate the integrity and ethical practices in the Psychic Mediumship field.

We offer self-led online courses, guided online courses, and in-person live courses carefully designed to meet our students' where they are...  and encourage them to grow.

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Lisa Williams is one of the world's most gifted psychic mediums...

Brian Weiss, M.D.
Bestselling Author of Many Lives, Many Masters