Gentle Nudges

Do you listen to the little voice in your head? You know, the voice that nudges you on or sometimes invites you to rein it back? I can’t imagine going through life not hearing the little voice in my head or feeling the gut reaction when something is feeling right or wrong, could you?


The little voice will sometimes tell you things you don’t want to hear, but you have the choice to push that away, but you cannot ignore the intuition that speaks to you through your body and reacts. It’s nudging you forward.


Sometimes in the silence of the day or night, you will have moments where thoughts will manifest, and you think some crazy idea, and BOOM, your gut reacts, and then before you know it, you’re on a mission… you create your new idea. Sound familiar?


It happens all the time. But there are those times that we forget the passion that drove us to start creating that crazy idea in the first place; you know that feeling too, right?...

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It's Time to be Heard

February is a strange month for me as it is normally full of memories of those who have passed away, so I decided to change the energy to make it memorable. I have worked with some amazing people who have given me the confidence to step into my power, but because of my own self-limiting beliefs, I have shied away from the one thing that has given me an immense amount of energy. 


Years ago, my tour manager, David Miller, gave me some ‘throat coat’ tea to drink before the show and said, “You need this because you’re a singer, Lisa.” I looked at him like he was crazy. “No, I’m a psychic medium,” and his response was, “And a singer.” I guess he was right because I would close my shows with a song. As the words flowed effortlessly out of me, I belted out the song that my grandfather inspired me to sing and found comfort knowing that it touched people to the core - as I witnessed eyes filled with tears as the audience...

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Transformation of Life

growth healing medium psychic Feb 03, 2021

We are all in a new chapter or cycle of life; no matter how we look at it, our life has shifted, and we have all transformed. It can be seen as a positive or a negative - yet as I see it, it's an opportunity to grow. 

With any forced change, it brings about an uncomfortable moment in realizing that we have to make a shift when it's not something we want to do, and with that comes a wealth of emotions. Oh, the emotions that surface, emotions that we forced below the surface and swept away. But that doesn't help anyone; it doesn't serve you, and now is the time to really focus on the change. 

Embrace the emotion and understand where it's come from and what it truly means. Please take a look deeper into what has triggered it and allow yourself to flow through it. They say that time heals, and it really does. It doesn't mean that it's going to be easy, it doesn't mean that you will forget the circumstance that brought you to this point, but it does mean that you are allowing...

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