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It's Time to be Heard

It's Time to be Heard

meditation sound healing vasa Feb 16, 2021

February is a strange month for me as it is normally full of memories of those who have passed away, so I decided to change the energy to make it memorable. I have worked with some amazing people who have given me the confidence to step into my power, but because of my own self-limiting beliefs, I have shied away from the one thing that has given me an immense amount of energy. 


Years ago, my tour manager, David Miller, gave me some ‘throat coat’ tea to drink before the show and said, “You need this because you’re a singer, Lisa.” I looked at him like he was crazy. “No, I’m a psychic medium,” and his response was, “And a singer.” I guess he was right because I would close my shows with a song. As the words flowed effortlessly out of me, I belted out the song that my grandfather inspired me to sing and found comfort knowing that it touched people to the core - as I witnessed eyes filled with tears as the audience was singing along. 


I have so much gratitude for David, Ryan, and my team, who pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. So, fast forward to last year when I chatted with Barry Goldstein, and it was suggested that we work together. I must admit I have listened to Barry’s work for years and take my students through guided meditations with this music as it is powerful and uplifting. Spirit must have been pushing me to step back into my passion because out of the blue, I had a friend of mine email a song to me to sing, and then Barry suggested we work together. 


Knowing I had vocal surgery coming up, I focused on the way Spirit was guiding me, and I started to play around with music again. It had lain dormant for a long time, and now was the time. While playing around with some vocals and tracks in the studio, suddenly this ‘thing,’ this ‘energy’… something, came out of me, and before I knew it, I was recording a piece. 


Still, with very little confidence in the work I created, I doubted that this Grammy Award-winning producer would even look at my work. You have no idea how hard it was to click send on the email. In fact, I took a deep breath as I hovered over the send button, shut my eyes, exhaled, and clicked send. BUT it didn’t send!!! I had missed the button. Seriously, was the universe playing with me, and I just hit send without a second thought. 


I can’t speak for Barry and what he thought when he received it, but what I heard a few weeks later… well, I was blown away. I have asked him several times, “Are you sure that’s all me singing?” Now it’s a running joke because the track is beautiful. 


We created Voice And Sound Activations (VASA) - an experience of sound to connect you to your soul as we guide you home - and it penetrates through your core to ignite whatever has lain dormant for so long and brings it to the surface so you can follow your passions. 


Intrigued? Come and join us on February 21 at 4 pm EST to experience the launch and the celebration of VASA - A Journey Home.


I am so grateful for those who have played a part in my journey home, back to my truth and what fills my soul. 


Thank you all for your support. 


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