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Transformation of Life

Transformation of Life

growth healing medium psychic Feb 03, 2021

We are all in a new chapter or cycle of life; no matter how we look at it, our life has shifted, and we have all transformed. It can be seen as a positive or a negative - yet as I see it, it's an opportunity to grow. 

With any forced change, it brings about an uncomfortable moment in realizing that we have to make a shift when it's not something we want to do, and with that comes a wealth of emotions. Oh, the emotions that surface, emotions that we forced below the surface and swept away. But that doesn't help anyone; it doesn't serve you, and now is the time to really focus on the change. 

Embrace the emotion and understand where it's come from and what it truly means. Please take a look deeper into what has triggered it and allow yourself to flow through it. They say that time heals, and it really does. It doesn't mean that it's going to be easy, it doesn't mean that you will forget the circumstance that brought you to this point, but it does mean that you are allowing yourself space to really understand, connect and dance through this moment. 

Why do I say dance? When you are dancing, you have to flow through with the music's rhythm, and the music will change, just like life does. We resist the change, but when we flow through it - like a dance - it will be much easier. 

When we are dealing with change, we are often dealing with grief. The loss of a loved one or someone who is no longer available to you, a job you loved, a child who went away to college, and the list continues. Grief is learning to accept a change, but the journey... whoa... that journey is hard. So be gentle with yourself. 

However, change is an opportunity to transform your life and move forward towards a life you want to live. To surrender to this and see where it takes you, pandemic or not... change will happen. 

Embracing it is a huge step! Massive step! You're not leaving anyone behind, keep moving forward because I can guarantee while you are waiting out of fear of change, others will be taking leaps to do it for themselves. So, start with small steps to create the future you want. 

Be gentle with yourself as you take the first step, embracing the dream and the future you desire. Imagine it in your mind and start to dance with the visions you see and manifest them into reality. Take the journey moment-by-moment, day-by-day, and it will get easier as you release all that no longer serves you and you live truly in the way that you deserve. 

It's time to realize that it's your life, and you deserve to live it your way. 

So, what will you do to transform your life?


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