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About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Jane has been aware of her connection to the spirit world since she was eight years old. In 2017, after ten years of training with some of Australia’s leading metaphysical teachers and world-renowned Psychic Mediums, Bronwyn embraced her ability professionally.

She is certified in Psychic and Mediumship, Parapsychology, Healing and Advanced Metaphysics. In 2021, Bronwyn received the credentials of Certified Spiritual Advisor from the Lisa Williams, LWISSD.

Bronwyn Jane psychic mediumship readings provide evidence the soul is eternal as she connects with the unseen world. Her grounded and compassionate reading style have caught the attention of people around the globe.Whilst she thoroughly enjoys meeting your loved ones in Spirit, the purpose of her readings is to organically guide YOU in illuminating your path forward in alignment with your soul.

Discover more about Bronwyn at her website www.bronwynjanemedium.com

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Bronwyn is a great at her readings. She is very accurate. She is a very kind,compassionate and beautiful and soul. I have recommended her to my family and friends. They have all been completely satisfied with their readings.


Bronwyn is amazing, she provides accurate information in her readings in a kind and gentle way. I thoroughly recommend her. 5 stars!


Within the past 5 years I have been blessed with several readings from Bronwyn. It is clear to me that she puts her heart and soul into her mediumship. She creates a warm and relaxing environment conductive to a positive experience. She makes me laugh every time I have seen her.  My readings have contained valid information from my passed loved ones delivered with compassion, respect, humour & in a way that is meaningful to me. I have witnessed first-hand as the connection Bronwyn has with the Spiritual world deepen over the time. I therefore have no hesitation recommending Bronwyn to my nearest and dearest. Do yourself a favour a make an appointment