If you're ready to take that next big step in your spiritual development...
The Lisa Williams School offers advanced certifications in three major areas to help you achieve your goals.

Certified Psychic Investigator:
12-Month Forensics
Certification Program


Launch your career as a Psychic Investigator with Lisa's brand-new certification program. Discover and develop your skills for psychic detection, intuitive investigation, and learn how to work with authorities to help solve crimes.


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Certified Spiritual Advisor:
17-Month Advanced
Certification Program


Begin your journey of becoming a source of healing and hope in the world. This three-tiered certification track expertly prepares you for your work as a healer, practitioner, and teacher in the spiritual arena.


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Master Teacher:
9-Month Elite
Certification Program


Are you ready to step into your own power as a teacher, healer, and guide? Learn to take your spiritual and intuitive gifts to a whole new level as Lisa guides you to becoming a Master Teacher in your own right. 


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Hello Lovelies!

First and foremost, I want you to know how grateful I am that you're here.
In my now two decades of study and practice as a psychic medium, I've discovered so many incredible tools and techniques for opening and expanding your own innate abilities... and taking them to the next level!

So I've taken the very best of what I've learned, and now I'm bringing it all to you. I'm so excited to be sharing this incredible opportunity for exploration
and growth.

No matter where you are on your journey of spiritual discovery, there's a certification track and a path that's right for you.

See you soon!
Love and blessings
Lisa xx





About Our Certification Programs

Discovering the path that's right for YOU.


You've worked hard to develop and hone them in your practice as a psychic, medium, or healer... and now you're ready to GROW.

You're doing readings for clients, maybe you've got a business up and running, and you're ready to take on more as a teacher and advisor to future clients and students.

Well, you've come to the right place. 

These certification programs could be the next step in launching the successful career you've been dreaming of.

When you register for our certification programs, you'll gain unprecedented access to:

  • Work directly with Lisa either in exclusive and intimate groups, or in some cases 1-on-1 to further advance your development and training.
  • Information-packed training videos featuring the very best of Lisa's advanced tools and techniques for mastering mediumship in all its forms.
  • LIVE group video coaching calls to help you integrate these teachings, connect you to your peers, share your breakthroughs and so much more...
  • Expert mentoring from Lisa to help guide you through the process, coach you through any challenges, and provide insights into your journey of becoming certified. 
  • In-person retreats and training experiences* Join Lisa LIVE and in-person for the integration and testing phases of your certification.
  • A robust library of course materials PDFs, downloads, meditations, guidebooks, resources, bonuses and more...
  • Certificates Suitable for Framing Depending on your program, you'll either receive a certificate of completion or you'll have the opportunity to sit for testing and gain full certification and designation as a Certified practitioner.
  • Free directory listings in our online community of practitioners and healers.
  • Opportunities for teaching both online and at in-person events and workshops. 

* Select Certification Programs Only


Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) offers courses, testing, mentorship, and certification to elevate the integrity and ethical practices in the Psychic Mediumship field.

We offer self-led online courses, guided online courses, and in-person live courses carefully designed to meet our students' where they are...  and encourage them to grow.

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**Access to New Programs in The Lisa Williams School Digital Library Valid Until August 3, 2021.