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LWISSD Certified Spiritual Advisors Directory




Diane Quartly | Psychic, Medium | www.dianequartly.com 


Tammerishka Kernan | Psychic, Medium | www.tammarishka.com 

United States


Ginger Parrack | Medium | www.healingheartmedium.com 


Aimee | Medium | www.aimeethemedium.com 
Alan Wellmen | Medium | www.alanwellmanmedium.com
Ameena Meer | Medium | www.fearlesshealing.net 
Angel Dawn | Psychic Medium |www.angeldawn.co/ 
Carol Ann Moore | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.carolannmoore.com  
Christie Bokulic | Psychic, Medium | www.divineinteractions.com 
Colby Rebel | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.colbyrebel.com 
Damona Hoffman | Psychic, Medium | www.damonahoffman.com 
Gwen Robinson | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.gwenrobinsonmedium.com
Julie Bannock | Psychic | www.jmbannock.com 
Karen Anderson | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.askkarenanderson.com
Kelly Brickel | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.energeticsessions.com
Leanne Thomas | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium |www.angelichope.com  
Michele Andres | Psychic, Medium | www.mystic-mentor.com 
Michelle Davis | Psychic | www.sunflowerhealingarts.com 
Rommel Lozano | Medium | www.rommellozano.com  
Samantha Englerth | Psychic | www.jikidenreikila.com 
Shereece Davison | Medium | www.mediumshereece.com 
Susan Grau | Medium | www.susangrau.com 
Tawney Lewis | Psychic Medium | www.intuitivetawney.com  


Kay Fahlstrom  | Medium  | www.kayfahlstrom.com  
Keiko Broyles  | Medium  | www.keikomedium.com 


Billie Zelle-Breier  | Psychic, Medium  | www.billiepsychicmedium.com  
Elissa Wild  | Medium  | www.elissawilds.com 
Heidi Jaffe | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium  | www.heidithemedium.com
Lois Morin  | Medium  | www.loismorin.com 
Shari Dworkin-Smith  | Psychic  | www.sharidworkinsmith.com 


Alex Levy | Medium  | www.alexlevyonline.com 
Amy Utsman | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.amyutsman.com
Cat Sackett | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.catsackett.com


Colleen Ashton  | Psychic, Medium | www.heavensmessages.com 
Nykki Hardin | Psychic, Medium | www.nykkihardin.com 


Maria Rodriguez |: Psychic |www.yoursoulperspective.com 


Maria Celeste | Master Teacher | Psychic, Medium | www.center4creativehealing.com   


Sarah Brink | Psychic, Medium | www.onlinecoachsarahbrink.com 
Celeste Woods | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.celestewoods.com   
Debbie Wojciechowski: Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium; https://mediumdebbie.com/
Lois Anne Smith | Medium | www.loisannesmith.com


Liz Varney | Medium | www.lizvarneymedium.com 
Sirry Berndsen | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.spiritoflight.com


Debbie Wojciechowski: Master Teacher | Psychic, Medium | www.mediumdebbie.com 


Avianna Castro | Medium | www.aviannacastro.com 
Lisa Bousson | Medium | www.lisabousson.com 


Matina Balint | Medium | www.matinathemedium.com 
Nancy Feranec | Psychic, Medium | www.nancythepsychic.com 

New Hampshire

Amanda DeShong | Medium | www.amandadeshong.com  
Amanda Drago | Psychic, Medium | www.mynaturalbeing.com 
Gretchen Meisner | Psychic, Medium | www.gretchenmeisner.com 

New Jersey

Kelly Vicario | Medium | www.intuhealing.com 

New Mexico

Candice Thomas | Medium | www.candicethomasintuitive.com 

New York

Deb Monteleone | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.bellaspeaks.com
Debra Clement | Psychic, Medium | www.dacmedium.com 
Christine Seebold | Medium | www.intuitivemediumchristine.com 
Laura Schek | Medium | www.celestialtouchllc.com 
Matthew Croft Lewis | Psychic, Medium | www.matthewcroftlweis.com 
MK Roland | Psychic, Medium |  www.mkroland.com 
Natalie Anderson | Psychic, Medium | www.natalieluciamedium.com  
Sharon Hill | Psychic, Medium | www.revsharonhill.com 

North Carolina

Elizabeth Foley | Psychic, Medium | www.elizabethfoleyphd.com 
Felicia Grant | Psychic, Medium | www.feliciagrant.com  


Cheryl Bicknell | Psychic, Medium | www.cherylbicknell.com 
Lisa Noland-Shalosky | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.lisanoland.com 


Heather Levin | Psychic, Medium | www.heatherlevin.com 


Beth Patton | Psychic | www.ravensister.com 
Jacqui LeBeau | Medium | www.jacquilebeau.com 

South Carolina

Caroline Grace | Medium | www.carolegrace.com  


Jazmine Escobar | Medium |  www.jazmineesco18.wixsite.com/mysite  
Tracey Escobar | Psychic, Medium | www.theredcouchmedium.com  


Celeste Woods | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium | www.celestewoods.com   


Julia Templeton | Medium | www.juliatempleton.com 
Mary McRoberts | Medium | www.maryleemcroberts.com
Robinette Meyer | Medium | www.robinettemeyer.com  


DeEtte Renae | Master Teacher, Psychic, Medium  | www.deetteranae.com

DISCLAIMER: Messages you receive from any of the Mediums, Psychics or Psychic Mediums listed here are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. Lisa Williams and the LWISSD Directory provide no guarantees, nor implied warranties and are not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or actions taken by clients.

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