The Psychic Medium Training Academy

Code of Ethics and Spiritual Principles


At The Psychic Medium Training Academy, everyone from teachers, staff, colleagues, and students, agree to abide by our Code of Ethics and Spiritual Principles.

Be respectful, compassionate and kind as you are carrying your client’s, student’s and colleagues' emotional well-being in your hands, especially when delivering difficult information.

Be respectful and kind to your teachers, other students, colleagues and staff.

Be respectful of your gift, as it’s a gift from God, as it should not be used as a ‘party trick’.

Be respectful of the gifts of other psychics, mediums, and healers.

Be in integrity with all that you do and only use your gift for the highest good of others.

Be truthful no matter how hard it is and speak from your heart. Ensure that you leave your client with hope and an understanding of the afterlife.

Practice, promote, and adhere to Spiritual Ethics in all that you do.

Agree not to discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, physical disabilities, and culture.

Always gain insight and knowledge from your connection with Spirit and never never ask too many questions from the client. Researching clients prior to a reading is a school infraction and will result in expulsion.

Always gain written permission from others when sharing a personal story from a reading or a picture for (and not limited to) social media, published articles, books and websites.

Never allow a client to lead your reading with too much information or telling them what they want to hear.

Never let your ego get in the way. Should you not make the connection, close the reading and if money has been exchanged, refund the fee.

Remember to always thank Spirit and your client for enabling the connection as it is an honor and a privilege to serve Spirit.

Remember positivity creates positivity (Law of Attraction).

Understand that anything is possible and to believe in yourself.

***Any student, certified Spiritual Advisor, or Master Teacher who has been deemed by LWISSD to have acted with intent, negligence or recklessness will have their certification(s) revoked and be expelled from the school.

The Psychic Medium Training Academy


We believe

That there is a ‘God’ but this god doesn’t have to be the spirit that is spoken of within religious texts. It’s the god within ourselves. It’s the Divine force that we can

manifest with ourselves.

That everyone has the right to make their own decisions and to be free from restraint of others’ views.

That life is for living and when the lessons that are presented are challenges, if we surrender to the challenge and allow ourselves to be guided, then we will be

shown the way.

That things happen for a reason and that reason may not be present at the time of the given incident, but it will be a lesson that we have to face and grow from.

That we live life to the fullest with no regrets, only memories that will help us change.

That life is eternal and that everything is possible.

That we do not know everything and that we are continually learning on our journey through life and the afterlife.

In personal responsibility and that we create our own reality through our thoughts and actions.

That we should treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves, with love and respect, no matter how they decide to live their life.

In integrity and being authentic and that we are working for our highest good and the highest good of others.

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