Are you struggling to move forward in your life?

Are you holding on to the traumas and regrets of your past?

Do you feel lost, stuck, or disconnected from where you want to be?

Join renowned psychic medium, bestselling author, and spiritual teacher Lisa Williams...

for an inspiring conversation on how to move through grief, find comfort in forgiveness, and discover the healing power of letting go.

Life Goes OnGrief, Forgiveness, and The Art of Letting Go

On Demand Video Workshop with Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams

Now Available On Demand.

Safely and gently discover the lasting peace you've been searching for...

In this powerful 75-minute On Demand Video Workshop, you’ll also find guidance and coaching on:
  • Forgiving yourself... and others... so you can move on.
  • How to safely release grief and regret from your life.
  • How letting go of the past can transform your future.
  • and so much more...

What You'll Discover


Learn how to move through grief of all kinds...  from losing a loved one, a friend, a pet... or even the life and experiences you had hoped for.


Find and embrace forgiveness for loved ones on the other side, for people who have wronged you in this life, and most importantly... for yourself.

Lasting Peace

Discover the power of letting go and being free from the traumas and pain of your past... and find your way back to the life you've always wanted.

"Lisa Williams is one of the world's most gifted psychic mediums..."

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
Author, Many Lives, Many Masters


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