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Course Begins: October 2022 

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Nine-Month Elite Online Certification Training + 21 Day In-Person Immersion Workshop with Psychic Medium Lisa Williams

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Program

This program for people who have been studying and/or are already doing psychic medium work. This program often requires an application process or an invitation to determine if it’s the right experience for you.

Payment plans are available for a limited time. Courses must be paid in full prior to completion. Courses purchased as single payment/paid in full may receive a discounted price, not available to payment plan buyers. Should a payment be missed or not go through, access to course materials will be rescinded until payments have been made. Certification is not possible should any payments be outstanding at the time of certification review.

All sales are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable. No credits/partial credits will be given if you do not complete your certification program. Courses cannot be deferred. Refunds only occur at the discretion of LWISSD.

You will have unlimited access to this course and the course materials forever! Come back and review these teachings whenever and wherever you need them.

If you're curious about this advanced certification program, but you're not sure you'd like to sit for the test just yet... the online-only experience might be perfect for you!

If you're 100% ready to take this next step, join a powerful group of peers, and work with Lisa on a whole new level... Sign up for BOTH parts of this program!

Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) offers courses, testing, mentorship, and certification to elevate the integrity and ethical practices in the Psychic Mediumship field.

We offer self-led online courses, guided online courses, and in-person live courses carefully designed to meet our students' where they are...  and encourage them to grow.

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"Lisa Williams is one of the world's most gifted psychic mediums..."

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
Author, Many Lives, Many Masters


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