It was a wonderful reading with so many of my family and others on the other side who came through to give me messages and guidance!
Had an amazing call with Lisa yesterday afternoon <3 Couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Thank you so much. The reading was beautiful!
I had my reading with Lisa today and she’s amazing, no doubt of how gifted she is. I’m planning to schedule another reading soon.
Thank you so much for everything. I’m very, very happy about having been able to connect with Lisa. I look forward to my next reading with her.
It was a great reading!! She is wonderful!!
Your teachings were of so much value to me and I am filled with gratitude. I will certainly be back for more.I am so thankful for my time with Lisa. She is such a lovely woman. THANK YOU.
 “More than anything I loved how accessible Lisa and her staff were to us. It made the entire course feel like a warm hug. It also made working and learning fun.”

“Amazing weekend, amazing group, amazing teacher. Beyond expectations!”
 “The assignments leading up to the course were brilliant in preparing us for the whole course. The exercises to make us more aware of the various clairs were ingenious in their design. Thank you for being so approachable, compassionate and real.”
 “Lisa, you gave so much, beyond what anyone else does. I cannot thank you enough.”
 “I loved the course, you did a great job. Thank you for your encouragement!”
 “The content of the information given is amazing. I’ve never had anyone teach in that way, giving us so much to learn and be the best we can.”
 “I loved that it was so organized and that so much information was provided. It was wonderful to have everything covered so thoroughly, concisely and clearly. I also loved that you took time to answer all questions.”
 “This was by far the best workshop on Mediumship I have ever been to! I appreciated being pushed way outside my comfort zone, it has strengthened my gift and given me the confidence I am searching for.”
 “Your natural talent for teaching and explaining in a clear and concise manner is your biggest strength. The classes were well structured and you’ve given me the confidence to go out and succeed.”

“I think Lisa’s the best instructor of any type I’ve ever had. The information was clearly presented and accessible. The exercises throughout supported the development of necessary skills and the business information was spot on.”