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Enhance Your Intuition 

Join Lisa Williams and unlock the power of your spiritual senses in this groundbreaking six-lesson on-demand introductory program designed to help you engage, enhance, and embrace your intuition on a whole new level.

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Mastering Your Intuition 

Join Psychic Medium Lisa Williams in this 5-part video series, all about opening and expanding your intuitive abilities in every area of your life... so you can feel your way through these uncertain times.

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The Beginner's Guide to Psychic Mediumship: 8 Week Intro Course

Discover everything you need to know about working with spirit, energy, and the afterlife. Based on over 20 years of international experience as a psychic medium, Lisa Williams' unique curriculum covers the distinct difference between a psychic and mediumship connection to energy – an area of development often misunderstood and overlooked in the spiritual arts. Lisa has taken the very best of what she's learned and distilled it into 48 comprehensive video lessons, where you'll learn how to open and expand your innate abilities, and begin the spiritual adventure of a lifetime!

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Beginners Forensic Mediumship: 7-Lesson Intro Course

Join Lisa as she uncovers the way that our intuition, psychic abilities, and mediumship can help solve the mysteries of today’s society. This beginners course will introduce you to various techniques and methods that are often used to help law enforcement, families, and private investigators solve crimes and find missing people. You will work on some closed cases where your information can be verified through your own research, which, in turn helps accuracy in your development. This is a fun and enlightening yet serious subject which has captivated many around the globe.

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"Lisa Williams is one of the world's most gifted psychic mediums."

Brian Weiss, M.D.

Best Selling Author, Many Lives, Many Masters