Are you ready to take your work as a medium to a whole new level?

Are you seeking a way to build and grow your mediumship business?

Do you feel called to become a leader in the spiritual arena?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions...

Now you can be PERSONALLY coached and mentored by internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams...

and bring your dreams to life!

Lisa Williams School presents... 

Mediumship Mastermind

A 2-Day Intensive Mentoring Experience
with Psychic Medium Lisa Williams

December 11-12, 2020 | Online

An Invitation from Lisa

Hello Lovelies!

First and foremost, I want you to know how honored I am that your journey has brought you to this moment.

For over two decades, my work as a successful psychic medium has brought me to every corner of the world... to share powerful messages from spirit to now hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life.

Because I know first hand how transformational mediumship can be for people seeking answers and healing, I am committed to lifting up new voices into the spiritual arena... so that even more people can benefit from this all-important work.

I've discovered so many incredible tools and techniques for mentoring and shaping the careers of experienced mediums, and now I'm taking the very best of what I've learned... and bringing it all to you.

I'm so excited to be sharing these powerful teachings with you. 

Hope to see you soon!

Love and blessings,

Who Is This Mastermind For?

This is for advanced students with previous mediumship training and experience...

This exclusive virtual Mastermind weekend is ideally for Level 3 students either already in business or preparing to start a spirituality-based business as a psychic or medium.

Whether you've previously studied mediumship with Lisa, or you've gained certification from another teacher, this program is the next powerful step on a long overdue journey of spirit.

What you learn here could change the direction of your whole life... and the lives of the people around you... as you become even more of the medium you are destined to be.


**Please note: if you are looking to receive messages or readings from Lisa, this event is not for you! Please join us at one of Lisa's many mediumship demonstration events or book a one-on-one reading instead.**

What You'll Learn in this Mastermind...

In this powerful TWO-day online experience, you’ll be personally coached and mentored by Lisa in everything you need to know... to take your work and business as a medium to a whole new level.

Lisa's Mediumship Mastermind will bring you the very best tools and training to take this next big step on your mediumship and spiritual business journey.

Through a combination of trainings, demonstrations, exercises, and practice, you will gain the skills and confidence you need to build and grow a successful business as a medium.

Here's Just a Few of the Many Topics Lisa Will Cover...


Take Your Mediumship to The Next Level
Continuing the work you've already begun with Lisa's mediumship certification training and online programs, you'll take your gifts even further as you step into this new level of expertise.

Guidance on Holding Public Demonstrations 
Gain expert-level tips and coaching on how to set up, market, and hold your very own public demonstrations and bring healing messages from Spirit to your delighted audience members. 

Overcoming Doubt and Stage Fright
Many mediums struggle with stage fright and their own limiting beliefs. With Lisa's expert guidance, you'll feel empowered to step boldly the gifted and talented medium you already are.

Adding More Evidence to Your Messages
Elevate your mediumship to new heights as Lisa shows all of her best tips and techniques for adding even more evidence to the readings and messages from Spirit you deliver.

Becoming an Open Channel for Spirit... through Trance
Discover this rare and powerful gift as you learn to become a channel for spirit through the power of trance work. Tap into a new source of knowing as you explore these gifts with Lisa.

Understanding The Importance of Blending 
Bring all of your spiritual skills together as you learn to blend your extrasensory abilities and supercharge your readings and messages. Lisa's guidance will help you achieve a whole new level of success.

Working with Law Enforcement to Help Solve Cases
Unlock your abilities in the field of forensic mediumship as Lisa guides and shapes your understanding, skills, and techniques in this powerful and important practice of mediumship.

Whatever You Intuitively Feel You Need to Learn 
Before embarking on this journey, you'll have the opportunity to fill out a specialized questionnaire where you can share your personal experiences and what areas of mediumship you feel called to explore.


What It's Like to be a Member of Lisa's Exclusive Mastermind Group

This Mastermind Experience is the culmination of over 20 years of Lisa's study and practice as a successful Psychic Medium, with a thriving business and major presence in the Spiritual arena.

You'll gain access to an intensive learning opportunity that includes 15+ hours of coaching and mentoring working directly with Lisa in a small group setting.

You will also be led through demanding training, powerful exercises, and rigorous skill-testing activities that will not only challenge you to work outside your comfort zone... but will dramatically expand your abilities within a short time frame.

PLUS as a BONUS, you'll be gifted THREE LIVE group video coaching calls, so you can continue your training and integrate what you've learned into your practice, your business, and your life.


This Virtual Mastermind is

To ensure that your Mastermind training experience is effective and powerful, only 30 spaces are open for purchase.

You'll be able to work and interact directly with Lisa, practice what you've learned with your Mastermind peers, be connected to an amazing network of mediums... and so much more.


**As a reminder: This event is for advanced mediumship students looking to expand their Mediumship and Business skills.** If you are looking to receive messages or readings from Lisa, please join us at one of her many upcoming mediumship demonstration events, or book a one-on-one reading.

Your Daily Mastermind Schedule

Over TWO full days of immersive high-level coaching... you'll reach a whole new level in your work as a medium.

This Mastermind is held completely online.

Friday, December 11th

10:00am to 6:00pm ET

Begin your first full day of training with customized training, breakthrough coaching, group exercises, demonstrations, feedback, and more. 

Saturday, December 12th

10:00am to 6:00pm ET

Your journey continues as you explore even more laser targeted training and guidance that will elevate you to new levels in the work you are meant to do.. 

A Powerful Bonus for You...

When you register for this Mastermind, you'll also receive three LIVE group video coaching calls with Lisa and a safe, supportive network of your peers. This call will allow you to take everything you've learned, and start putting these new skills into action under Lisa's expert guidance and mentoring.

You'll be able to share your breakthroughs, your breakdowns, and everything in between... as your skills and abilities continue to grow.


Technology and experiences that will forever connect you with your

Spiritual Soul Family

Travel across space and time via video to meet and connect with like-minded seekers, long-lost best friends, spiritual soulmates, psychic connections, and more... when we come together (virtually) to do this healing kind of work. 

So here's why you need to act fast...

Only 22 30 Spaces are Left in This Mastermind

To ensure that you get the very best out of this experience, Lisa's Mediumship Mastermind is limited in how many students can attend. As a result, only TWENTY-TWO spaces are left for this workshop.

So if you know RIGHT NOW, that this program is for you, click the button below and register now for this incredible experience. 

Case Study: Meet Mastermind Weekend Graduate... MK Roland

"I had so many breakthroughs with Lisa... both in mediumship and spiritually... that I couldn't possibly list them all."

My name is MK Gaedeke Roland and I have an active practice as a Registered Medium in Lily Dale, NY. Before working with Lisa, I had studied with the best mediums in Lily Dale, attended courses at Arthur Findlay College, among others. As much as I was getting evidence and messages with confirmation from my clients, I felt I had plateaued.

I found out about working with Lisa when she moved to Lily Dale. I had seen her teach before and demonstrate and I was always so impressed. After taking a course with her, I knew she was the person to get me not just to the next level, but the next and the next!

I had so many breakthroughs with Lisa, both in mediumship and spiritually, that I couldn't possibly list them all. Among the most important were increasing my ability to get names and blending with Spirit. Most of all I became confident, 100% because Lisa not only taught, but demonstrated what a difference it makes to surrender to Spirit.

Anyone who is serious about increasing the evidence they receive, their confidence, their messages from Spirit, and work on their own specific needs, they can't let a chance at a Mastermind Weekend pass them by. They will be changed.

Early Registration Pricing Ends In...








We are stronger together...

Join this powerful and talented community of trustworthy, ethical psychics and mediums, who are dedicated to your ongoing spiritual growth and development.

The path we travel is more meaningful and enjoyable when we walk together.

And all the more meaningful when the special energy that only you can bring... is present and flowing freely.

Embark upon this journey and discover what's truly possible for you and your abilities.

Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) offers courses, testing, mentorship, and certification to elevate the integrity and ethical practices in the Psychic Mediumship field.

We offer self-led online courses, guided online courses, and in-person live courses carefully designed to meet our students' where they are...  and encourage them to grow.

Click here for terms and disclaimers.

"Lisa Williams is one of the world's most gifted psychic mediums..."

Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
Author, Many Lives, Many Masters


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